Friday, March 1, 2013

Some pictures

I keep telling myself that I should update this thing more often, and sometimes I'll do really well for a few weeks. But lately I have just been lazy when it comes to getting the pictures off of my camera, and to be honest I haven't taken as many pictures as normal either. Most of the time when I want to take a picture, by the time I would have gotten up to get my camera the moment would be gone. Sometimes my ipod is closer, so I'll snap a pic with that and put it on Instagram, but my ipod pics aren't the best quality. Someday I will convince Paul to let me get an iphone. It would take the place of my ipod, my phone, and my point and shoot camera (that I hate and hardly ever use anyway). The monthly bill is the main reason for not getting one. But anyhoo, here are just some pics from the past couple weeks since I last posted. (Sorry.)

Levi absolutely loves being outside with Paul. LOVES IT. Especially when it involves sled rides, the 4-wheeler, or the snowmobile. He is all boy. Hopefully if the weather starts to get a bit nicer he can go out with him more.
 On this day, Paul was pulling him in the sled behind the 4-wheeler. They were both having so much fun! Levi didn't want to come in, I don't know how many times they went around the block, down the street, around town...wherever. When his cheeks were getting pretty red we decided he better come inside and that did NOT go over well!
 My dad always gets my sister and I flowers for Valentine's Day, and brings them to us. It was fun to spend the evening with them when they came up that weekend, and I know Levi loved it too. He is grandpa's buddy now.
 Levi likes to color, even if it doesn't hold his attention for terribly long yet. The funny thing about this time was the fact that he was coloring on the stickers that he stuck on the page last time we had the book out. He calls anything/one that is a boy, a daddy, and anything/one that is a girl, a mommy. So he was coloring on the 'daddy' sticker with his blue marker, and the 'mommy' sticker with the yellow marker. (Or vice versa with the colors, I know it was blue and yellow though.) He would say 'Da-ee. Boo.' and 'Mommy. Hello,' while he was coloring on them. It was funny. Or maybe it was just to me.
 Putting money (coins) into his 'cOw' and 'fog' banks is a favorite thing to do.
 What's more fun that a big box? He thought it was hilarious to lay down in it like that and then wanted me to put the flaps over him to close it.
 Water. He is obsessed with water. (Except in the form of a shower and/or bath, of course..) He loves to stand on his stool, which is actually his little potty chair, and play in the faucet. I finally had a light bulb moment and realized, duh, why not just put some water in the sink? Of course he made a holy mess and I had to wipe water off the floor and wall around him, but it kept him entertained for quite awhile while I did some other things upstairs. He did do pretty good with not splashing after I told him not to, but it's hard to avoid getting water everywhere when where is a nearly two-year-old little boy in the equation.

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