Sunday, March 20, 2011

37 weeks

It has been almost 5 days that I've been on bedrest, and I am so sick of that stupid chair! Lol. I try to stay sitting as much as possible but it's hard when I don't feel bad. My mom came up on Sunday and did a bunch of stuff for me, so that was really nice. She washed all the baby clothes, vacuumed, dusted, and made a few things to put in the freezer. Now I feel more ready for him to come than I have so far. He can come any time now and I will be happy!!! I am to the point where I want him OUT! :) I'm anxious to see what happens at my appt. on Tuesday if I make it that long. With my luck I won't go into labor for another 2 weeks. I guess only time will tell!

How far along?: 37wks 2 days
How big is baby?: Estimated 6 lb 7 oz at the ultrasound. Probably almost 7 lbs by now.
Weight gain?: 2 lbs at my appt. Tuesday so I'd guess a couple more since then, esp. since all I've been doing is sitting on my butt...
Stretch marks?: Ya..
Maternity Clothes?: Yep, what fits me.
Sleep?: Getting more uncomfortable. I put a pillow under my belly and that helps, but once I wake up in the morning I usually can't go back to sleep because my belly/hips are sore.
Best moment this week?: Realizing what great family and friends that I have...I've had visitors everyday since Thursday. I am also thankful for Paul and everything he's been doing.
Food cravings?: Not really.
Gender?: Baby boy!
Movement?: Yeah, plenty of that! Lately he's been pushing his behind into my ribs, which is super comfortable...
Belly Button?: Weird looking.
What I miss?: To put it simply...not being pregnant.
Labor signs?: Still having the BH contractions, hopefully something REAL soon!!
What I'm looking forward to?: Having this baby! And leaving the house for the first time in a week on Tuesday for my dr. appt.
Milestone?: FULL TERM!!! You can officially come out now little one! The sooner the better! :)

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