Thursday, March 17, 2011

boredom awaits...

Well, I had my weekly doctor appt. on Tuesday. For the most part everything went good. I had my first internal exam to check if I was dilated or anything, and to our surprise, I was already at 2.5 cm. Um, ok! Since I am not 'full term' quite yet, the dr. put me on bedrest for a week. Aaaack!! I totally understand why, because we want him to stay in there for as long as possible, but it still sucks. I was also measuring at 41 weeks, which is like waaay ahead, so I got to do another ultrasound. Everything looked good there, normal fluid levels and everything. The u/s tech said I was all baby, and that he looked like he might have long legs...must be from daddy b/c I sure don't have long legs! She also estimated that he was about 6lb 7 oz. So I figure if he stays in there for another week he can come out whenever, otherwise he is going to be HUGE! But the estimates from ultrasounds can be off quite a bit, so who knows.

Jess came over for a little bit this afternoon with Allie and Aaron, so that made the time go fast. She brought a pizza, and helped me take the tags off of some of the baby clothes so that when my mom comes up on Saturday she will help me wash them. Aaron was a good boy, he is getting so big! And Allie was, well, Allie...she was good most of the time except for a little fit upstairs. She is the one and only, that is for sure...such a goofball! :)

Hopefully the week will go fast. The dr. made it sound like I might be able to be off bedrest after my next appt., since by then I will be considered 'full term', and then what happens will happen. I'm not sure if I will want to go back to work if I get to be off bedrest, but we'll see what happens.

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