Sunday, March 6, 2011

35 weeks

This was actually a pretty good week! My dr. appt. on Thursday went well. I'm still measuring about a week and a half ahead...maybe that means the baby will come early!? Heartbeat was in the 140's and everything sounded good!

A couple other exciting things: We got the frames on the wall in the baby's room, now we just need pics to fill them. :) I will post some pics of the room soon. Also, my first baby shower was on Saturday! SO much fun! There was mostly family there, and it went really good. I had plenty of help opening gifts from two little munchkins named Madison and Allie. :) I will also post pics from that as soon as I get them uploaded from my camera.

We put the car seat bases in the vehicles today too. That was interesting. Let's just say Paul got a little frustrated... It all worked out though, and they are in! Just have to have them inspected now to make sure it's correct and ready to go!

How far along?: 35 wks 2 days
How big is baby?: The size of a honeydew. Between 4 and 5 1/2 lbs. When I had that ultrasound at 31 wks, my dr. said he wasn't a huge baby and was in the 66th percentile.
Weight gain?: At my appt. I had gained 2.5 lbs, so around 34 lbs total. Hopefully I won't gain too much more.
Stretch marks?: Don't remind me...
Maternity clothes?: Yeap.
Sleep?: Pretty good for the most part. Can't seem to get enough of it though.
Best moment of the week?: Definitely my shower! Lots of fun, and we are thankful for all the gifts we received!
Food cravings?: Still stuck on the chocolate and iced tea. Pretty much anything that isn't good for me...trying to keep on track though.
Gender?: BOY!
Movement?: Yep, plenty of wiggling around in there! I had my first "scare" the other day, where he was really quiet most of the day when he's usually active. He would always move just enough so that I didn't get too worried, but it was just a weird feeling. I mentioned it to my dr. at my appt. and she said he would have his slow days, but as long as I felt him every so often it was ok. She also said he would be slowing down a little now that he's running out of room in my tummy.
Belly button?: Still looks like a crater, raised around the edges. I've been coughing a little today so whenever I couch it pokes's amusing.
What I miss?: The list is growing...I think I have reached that point where I am over being pregnant and just want to hold my baby and my body feel normal again.
Labor signs?: Still plenty of BH contractions, but nothing painful or regular yet thank goodness. I am ready to be done, but I know he needs to cook in there a few more weeks!! :)
What I'm looking forward to?: Another shower on Saturday with my girlfriends. This one is for my friend Becca, who is due at the end of May, and myself. Just a small get-together with all of us girls. It will be lots of fun, I'm sure of that!
Milestone?: 35/35 on Friday! 35 wks along, and 35 days to go. Actually less than that now. Exciting and scary at the same time! :)

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