Sunday, March 13, 2011

shower pics

Finally got the pics off my camera from the shower last weekend, and the one I have from yesterday's shower. I got a new point and shoot camera, and put my sister in charge of taking pics, but apparently she didn't get how to make it focus, so most of them are verrrry out of focus. (Plus I have to realize that the quality of a point and shoot is never going to be as good as my dslr unless I spend much more, which I won't. Anyhoo, that's another story..)


My two little helpers! :)

My two sisters-in-law that threw the shower. Katie, me, and Jess.

All the good stuff we got for the baby. Very thankful to everyone!

And the one pic off of my camera from the shower yesterday... Becca and I with our diaper cakes that Becky made! So cute! Can you tell that we were both getting over being sick?

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