Monday, April 15, 2013

Pinspiration Monday

I almost forgot that it was Monday! I got my 31 week update up earlier and totally forgot about doing this post until I was about to start scrolling through Pinterest just now! So here are my faves from this week! :)

Loving this crib skirt. Looks pretty easy to put together, it just velcros/ties onto the sides.

If we get a nice enough day this week to grill, I might have to give these a try!

I would really like to try doing this with Levi sometime. Looks easy and I think he would like it!

These are on my wishlist. I have been wanting a cute tennis shoe just for everyday, like around town or going shopping, and these would be cute for this summer.
Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest

Supposed to be the best stain remover. It would be interesting to give it a try!

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(Hoping to have some pics from Levi's b-day up in the next couple days too!)

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